Monday, February 2, 2009

chances and misses

Saw luck by chance yesterday...lived up to the expectations and am so glad it did! I have one question though, why was Hrithik wearing a pair of sports shoes with a dhoti? Nevertheless, the movie was a patched up quilt made of material both soft and rough. Had its poignant moments (specially when Rishi Kapoor cries lamenting that movie making is no longer fun) and its share of witty lines/ winners. Juhi Chawla was so amazing, from her picture in that photo frame to the scene in which she wickedly relishes the dirt spread about Farhan in a gossip magazine! She was just about perfect, "Mintu" was just marvelous. Also the ending was apt,Konkona's line that it's not your fault, some people are just like that...was the best one liner in recent times... there are SO many people for which that one line is the accurate description! Well, next up is Delhi 6...when? when? when?

There is a discount sale just about everywhere in the city(Journey dosent have one though), every damn place has one..its like a shoppers manna from retailers..hope it lasts one more month!The downside is that some places are so full it seems like we are queuing up for darshan at Tirumala (Na)

Hated to see Fedex cry (I was rooting for Nadal though) Still just felt bad when he broke down (I took it personally!) In a perfect world Fedex will win two more slams, be happy and retire...Nadal will beat his record in a few years time. Howzat? game?