Sunday, August 22, 2010

I hate bad endings!

Let me be clear, I dont hate sad endings (Like in the wonder called Atonement), I hate BAD ones. When I read a book or watch a movie all I expect is that it doesnt end in a disappointing manner but no -some things just refuse to toe the line! Was reading the colossal "Gone with the Wind" (birthday gift from Na) and it really blew my breath away, I've said it for Shantaram and I'll say that again, for a book over 1000 pages to be interesting is amazing (trust me, to make one entire blog post interesting is difficult enough) and this book does it with such charming ease. The amazing characterization and brilliant plot- the last 200 pages are so difficult to read, they simply pulverize you...not wanting to read ahead and knowing that you cant stop. The only problem I had was with the way it ended, no it's not appropriate and the could-have-been's will always haunt me but for the two amazing days, I will be thankful to this magnum opus for dominating my life entirely and also for showing that such love and passion is possible. The greatest victory of this book lies in making its lead characters believable- not good or bad but as good or bad as the circumstances allow them to be. Another brilliant book "Toss of a Lemon" by Padma Vishwanathan, also has the same grouse from me. A lackadaisical ending for an otherwise brilliant book.

It's raining Cats and Dogs here in Hyderabad and though I enjoy them, I certainly dont enjoy the severely bumpy roads and huuuuge traffic snarls. A government in slumber I'll say and also that the Common Wealth has really shown that Politics in India is the most lucrative profession- you dont have to study, behave as you like and earn millions. Let's start a party, Paisa Vasool Party (PVP) and start earning enough to buy Audi's and Swiss Chalets.

Sincerely hoping that the membership crosses three people.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love is in the air

It most definitely is all around me! Eversince that amazingly serious conversation with Na about love, finding it, believing in it and finally how does one know that this certain thing/feeling is love -every book, movie or conversation of mine has been around the dreaded L word (Come to think of it, whenever was it not!!) From Atonement to Aisha, every single piece of art or literature has been stuffed full of love- overbearing at time, plausible at the other times.

- Was watching Ang Lee's amazing "Sense and Sensibilty" some time back. In one touching scene when Emma Thompson pours out her anguish to Kate Winslet, I felt now this seems like loorve!

- Reading Atonement and the passion between the leads is so real and so intense that it blows you apart. The power of their overwhelming intensity is such that you cannot think of anything else and then I thought now, this might be love.

- Was reading Eric Seghal's "Prizes",which I wanted to read for quite some time and was a birthday present from Pt. In a wonderful scene when body love and mind love was clearly set apart and reasons (believable ones) were given out. I thought this is it!

I've never been a sucker for love, like is more my line. But, call it love, lust or like...all of it begins to make sense only when you choose it. More clearly when you are ready for it. When you are ready, a remote gesture seems like an undying declaration and when you are not its vice versa. In a lifetime everything matters at times and the next instant nothing I guess only helps you remain sane amidst all the uncertainity.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Growing older

Is it fun? Yes, immensely from the next day after you get a hang of it! I celebrated Silver and am a wise old man now!! But the day was a mixed one, it was my best birthday in years, all thanks to some amazing friends and family but personally I really dont know how to quantify it, it still surprises me at times that at 25, I havent really changed one bit from when I was 18 (I have proof...and my thoughts, writings and myself are the same) it really a good thing?

When you think of the past, it always looks glorious, I have no intention to look back. I want to look forward to life and am glad that there is so much to, but a tiny qualm tells me about so much I still want to do, so much more to explore and so much to live for, a life-time at once seems so short and shorn of all adorments and the convex angle tells you the absolute opposite, so much still remaining. I know I'm rambling on but I really want to.

Life at times is so much in firsts and starts that you never really know how much headalong you are, some reflective times are all that remind you that this is where you are now, like a sign board and there is so much more distance to cover in spurts and chasms. Gibbersh, look at it topsy turvy and you might just see what I can!!

Aisha..August 6th...Sonam Kapoor...I kept my date and really enjoyed it!