Sunday, March 28, 2010


I cannot for the life of mine think of a name for this post, but here it goes!! Been rushing around like mad of late. The work has been hectic and the bloody blazing heat (at 41 degrees!!) has made life miserable, throw in traffic and you have a completely chaotic cocktail!! Been writing so much of late that I'm still in a daze.

Wanted to write about
- a meeting with an old old friend (Wy) which was memorable and the phone call which triggered it all. Old friends are so comforting- they know what is a taboo for you and what you dont like in your dosa(onions!!) A wave of nostalgia swept across me which included sunday evenings at second hand book shops and shopping for vegetables. The everydayness of life which was exciting then and now has become mundane. The small joys in big things which was a big deal and are currently taken for granted and that heady feeling that relationships might be hidden under a mass of feelings but cannot become extinct just like that!!

- meeting Boman Irani/Minnisha Lamba. The latter was all charm and the former surprisingly grounded. Boman Irani is amazingly patient and affable, and really really sharp which made it all the more fun!

- the grief of a dearly beloved cousin mourning an irreparable loss which has shaken all of us. Life can be so cruel at times that it can take your breath away and it did. That relationships are merely a part of life and not life itself, that a cliche like life carries on come whatever can actually be true and tear you apart.

- LSD and how path breaking it really is!!

- friends who are so wonderful that you thank god that you get to choose them!!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

No reservations

This entire hullabaloo on the Women's reservations bill is so amusing! Leave the fact that it is a shameless diversion from the glaring issue of price rise, but the sheer posturing of people is so hilarious. What's the guarantee that our desperate politico's wont do a Laloo and put a Rabri who is no more than a Rubber stamp. I'm personally against reservations of any kind, I do agree that the weaker sections need more personal care but am dead against caste/gender reservations. It is really important to know that all SC/ST's are not backward, most are but putting all of them under one category means that a well off SC is scoring over a poor OC!! If they need to be reservations let them be for the actual weaker section- they may be of any creed/caste/sex. Similarly, it should be noted that women in our Country are not powerless and this is a sop, a mere political soap opera out of which nothing substantial will ever reach that wretched women worker in Kanjeevaram or a fisherwoman in the suburbs of Bombay. The need of the hour is more representation not mere symbolism!

Interviewed the amazing Nasreen Kabir, last week and had such a ball. She documented the lives of Lata Mangeshkar, Guru Dutt and SRK and the stories she told! We were supposed to meet for 10 min and ended up chatting for two hours! No airs, no hang ups (Hear hear- konkona/ Mughda Godse) inspite of the enormous clout she has in Bollywood- that of being an expert on it!!

Rahul Mahajan marries- I give it six months tops!!