Thursday, June 23, 2011

Work away

This space I’ve been away has always been a refuge so how can I not be back? After a lull, the tempo of the storm picked up and I’ve been writing, writing and well…more writing. Doing a story on street food is never easy but is always fun and I’ve had a lot of fun...digging into delicious dabelis and trying some delectable dosas off the wayside. The thing about street food is that its as unpretentious as you want it to be, just like food is supposed to be and of course as yummy as the creator wants it to be. The cover shoot was a disaster though, we wanted a big street bandi with everything in black and white and the food in delightful, loud colors…with clouds playing peek-a-boo and the traffic giving a test for our acrobatic skills…it was nothing shorn of a catastrophe.

Ash is pregnant and I am mightily thrilled…no nauseous giggling for a year now…thank you god!

Haven’t watched a movie in over two months, the longest I’ve stayed away…dying to watch Shaitaan…love the edgy music.