Sunday, November 22, 2009

One more takes the plunge!

Last week saw one of my good friends getting hitched (Ta), it was the first time that I was closely involved with a marriage (apart from my siblings) Someone with whom I went to college, on trips of madness and bouts of boredom as a group and someone who is really my was such an eerie feeling! It seemed surreal to the point of extreme and I still find it difficult to accept that my friends have started to get hitched! My turn will come pretty sure and I have no clue as to how to deal with it. But really, a friend getting married is such a big deal and I had a blast. Like most Brahmin Weddings, the muhurtam was in the early morning and the reception was at night, so it gave us a lot of time to catch up and have fun. One other thing about Weddings is that there is a reunion happening every minute, I was meeting up people from my college and it felt really nice to reminisce about the lost time. Also, after you grow up, Weddings are the only times when you bump into people as weekends (Sunday for me) are too busy and crammed with activity as we have to make the most of the free time. Again, I have been to so many in this past month that they even replaced my Beloved Barista! The food was great, conversations fun and I only hope that when my time comes I have half as much fun!!

China as a mediator in Indo-Pak that's a disaster in making(and also in foreign policy)

Friday, November 20, 2009


are one inscrutable lot!! You never can know them properly and if anyone thinks they have cracked the plot should really put it to practical use! I was watching ONE episode of that effant terrible reality show "Pati Patni aur Woh" and the conclusion was that men are a lot easier to deal with. That Juhi never stops screaming and screeching, all she was doing was moaning and complaining, while her poor husband (Aamir I think) was running around and putting up with the diva's tantrums. Debina ( a prettier Mayawati) who looks lovely is one major tartar who will have to have her way and if she doesn’t like anything, gawd save you. That idiot Gurmeet still wants to marry her! Rakhi is a universe in herself and no amount of description would do any justice and all I can say about her reported "fiancĂ©e" is dude, thank your got off easily. That Swetha Tiwari who played the purrfect bahu for seven years is one major harridan, whose temper can only rival Ekta Kapoor’s. Barkha Dutt is another weirdo. Nothing ever pleases them and all they can see is their own distorted view point. The way these people treat others is totally reminiscent of our erstwhile colonial masters, or to quote a relatively newer example the way the Chinese are treating Africa...inhuman and absolutely controlling! Only Shilpa and Mouni( who’s really cute) looked even approachable!! The funniest thing was that all the guys were cool and relaxed, comfortable and secure in their own skins!

While we are on it, two women I totally and completely love on TV are

Nidhi Razdan, the sole reason to watch NDTV. Elegant, classy and unique- everything thing about her is impeccable...from her sarees to diction

Ambica word to describe her is WOW. She manages to look at home equally in an Armani store in Paris and a bazaar in Jodhpur. Vivacious, exceptional and simply stunning.

PS: Balasaheb is back!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Watched "Ajab Prem" yesterday and simply loved it. I know that it has been criticised for trying too hard but I also know that few years down the line the same people will say it was a classic..just like a Silsila or Andaz Apna Apna both of which bombed at the Box Office. I really liked it because it was refreshing and clean, in the name of comedy we've been subjected to a lot of crap like Golmaal and All the Best but this is actually fun! Breezy, with a lot of witty liners, I found the laughter infectious. Ranbir's comic timing was bang on and his jodi with katrina was truly gazab. Also watched "Resham Ki dor", a play which is a part of Hyderabadi theatre folklore (it's being performed since 1970) and really enjoyed it's energy. Was with great company, Ra, so even on that count it was a high class evening. The costumes, the folk dancers from Mewar and the wonderful wonderful Arif Zakaria who played Emperor Humayun. His amazingly restrained acting and equally perfect Urdu was the highlight of the play!

Bought four books at landmark two weeks back and for once all of them were fabulous. I would strongly recommmend "Cappucino Dusk" by Kankana Basu and "The Raja is Dead" by Shivani Singh, to the my readers- who I hope will cross two this time around.

Jail bombed...I told you!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am finally freelancing at a new place! That too for a monthly magazine, that again is quite popular. I mean the last place I worked with, a newsweekly I'm sure no one read my work except myself and the editor. But here, I'm sure people will atleast bother to read some of it. The first month was disappointing though, I had written a brilliant article, I think, but when I opened the mag my article of 259 words was chopped into a disastrous 40 words because an advertisement came in at the last moment! Needless to say, I was hopping mad. But this place has its perks as I have written the following piece (my first nasty one) about Mugdha Godse and they are actually printing it!

Godse’s Ungodly ways!
As they say fame’s a fickle friend! Mugdha Godse who was in the town for a promotion of her movie Jail has an attitude which does not quite go with her designer wear. Prettier than a picture, she (along with the cast) walked in two hours late and left immediately after the press meet without as much waving to the scores of scribes waiting, an exit which was reminiscent of Alice leaving Wonderland. Pretty chick she certainly is, but common curtsies are all not in “fashion” with her.

!! hopefully this wont get edited!