Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On the trail of my Editor

Yes, like most of them - my Editor is "one of a kind", dont get me wrong, this is only a fun post, partly because I'm in a benevolent mood. My Editor at the first place I freelanced with was someone I could streamroll, butress and get my way. My current Editor (at the new place I'm working) does the same- to me!! I have to, have to relive this conversation the other day

8am morning,
She: Mk, where are the pictures for the book previews??
Me (groan, is it time already?): Hmmm, I will give them in today

She: a really looong Mk, You are taking your own sweet time...this wont do
Me (in my head) : Is she talking to me or is she actually saying...Did I carry you around for 9 months for this day?
The irony being it is actually nine months that I've started working here

She: Mk, are you there
Me: Yea, you'll have the pictures by 12

She (as if I didnt speak): The photograher will be in your place in half-hour!!!

8.15, after sending me two messages, she calls again!!

Do you really wonder why I've not been blogging of late??
My work has been really strenous what with writing re-writing, drafting and re-drafting though I must give it to Su(My editor), she runs around for entire days, thinking about design and stories. It's actually fun and I get a kick out of it especially because of late they want me for full time and I've declined it twice (that would mean better money but seriously can we ever really have enough of money??) but I'm simply glad that people read what I write and there is no greater glory I seek!!

PS: I hope my only loyal reader is happy that I've finally written a blog!!