Monday, December 28, 2009


A poll last week on TV suggested that more than 80% of the younger generation( the under 20 brigade) think that reading is sad and that people who have a life wont do it! That made me sooo teribly sad. While the poll might or might not be accurate, it is true that the young-uns of today dont give much impetus to reading. One look at the Crosswords or Landmarks prove that readers are a vanishing lot. I am seriously troubled by this, because for me reading is probably one of the most important things in life and books are friends I'm so glad to have. Reading is both important and fun, important because it broadens your horizons, honestly! fun because it introduces you to an entire new world. The satisfaction a book gives you and the manner in which you can lose yourself in something so worthwhile is such a gratifying aspect of life! That the yarns which spin sorcery, transport you to alien lands and make you a part of it so naively should go out of fashion is a huge loss. Of course, this is my personal choice but give it a try and you'll understand the magic of rustling pages!
Like my professor in MBA used to say always "Read baba Read"

It's bitterly cold in Hyderabad and I'm enjoying every single minute of it. Also, is anyone still watching Roadies?

Friday, December 18, 2009

You never know

the intensity of the storm unless it hits you! The statehood demand is everywhere. From my absolutely apolitical mother(till now) who is calling in on live programs on TV to stupid socialties discussing it at the event to launch a Marc Jacobs bag ( yeah, more of it below)Telangana has split people like never before. What's really shocking is that even after 10 days, half the state is shut down. I'm hearing all sorts of conspiracy theories each as likely/unlikely as the next one but see no end to this chaos. The only people having a blast are the 19 Telugu news channels who are adding salt to an already wounded state. One thing I've learnt this past month is how important your roots are- the city you live in becomes a part of you, any damage inflicted on it becomes a scar on your body. Hyderabad has taken a lot- annexation by the Mughals, fall of the Nizam, riots and many agitations. I am confident that this too shall pass....I only hope it's soon!

Covered my first page 3 party today! People were celebrating the "launch" of a bad, insanely priced bag ( five lakhs, for crying out loud) when the streets were eeriely empty! Fake people, fake smiles and the two people I've noticed-fake body parts! I was constantly thinking of Konkana Sen in Page 3 and could not stop laughing!

For idiots like me still following the Kasab trial, I have only one thing to say...This happens only in India.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sorry "state" of affairs

The Cast: A strangely reluctant Chief Minister, inept police, an ailing politico who is as much as a martyr as Nathuram Godse was and Naxals who are intent on staging a comeback.

The Method: Violence unlimited and uninhibited.

The Storyline: Separate Statehood.

For us in Hyderabad following this bizarre drama, nothing is more irritating than another bandh call. Last Monday was lost, the entire city shut down yesterday and today! And there is more to the madness. One man's dream of being the CM (a desperate despot called KCR) has split the State right in the middle and with a mob of 2000 students having held an entire city of 81 lakh people to ransom, the citizens are mute spectators in this illogical script. The demand for Telangana is not new, started in the 50's it's an emotive and contentious issue. I hail from Telangana, one of the most backward regions of the country and its most affected district (Medak) but fail to see the logic behind this senseless violence. Telangana is not feasible because

- It could become another Jharkhand or Chattisgarh as the Naxal menace originated here and looms terrifyingly large.
- Andhra Pradesh was carved out to be one state to all Telugu speaking people. The SRC report of 1967 clearly states "four states in the South because of four main languages"
- the main reason simply put it's not feasible. Where would you find water (No river in 11 districts) or resources?

All these reasons may not cut ice with its supporters but I really hope logic prevails. It was uninterrupted chaos on Saturday with petrol bunks closed, offices being pelted with stones and streets being disturbingly empty. The movement has been started by KCR but is no longer in his control what with students and naxals chipping in. If you want to protest don’t make life miserable for everyone around. And seriously, for once the CM should act decisively rather than flying to Delhi for advice! Act and do it now!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Big C and a ray of hope.

Lisa Ray acted in a Telugu Cowboy flick along with Bipasha Basu a few years back, after seeing that pretentious flick I was she was just another Bollywood type, but she proved that she is better than most of us. I've always thought of her was a devastatingly beautiful chick err bimbo and that was that. Last week after I read about her cancer struggle in the papers and read her blog (Lisaraniray.wordpress, for once I wish that I was not tech- challenged and provide an actual link to her blog but I successfully fail to figure that feature out) I was forced to eat my words and applaud her warmly. Her immense courage in the face of such a torrid illness is an inspiration to many and a remarkable example to her tenacious spirit. Cancer is as much dreaded as TB was in the beginning of the last century. This is worse because it has a cure which is as potent as the disease itself. I lost a beloved and the most cherished member of my family to the disease and know how much it strips you off your decency, bit by bit. Lisa Ray has shown that she is not only astonishingly beautiful but equally courageous and my salute goes out to such indomitable strength. That amazing Nusrat Fateh Ali khan video, Afreen where she blends so beautifully with his voice is also ironic; Afreen which gave her first big break translates into “encouragement”. That is what she stands for today- an inspiration for many who are bogged down by far mundane troubles and cannot get out of the rut. Not only is she fighting a belligerent battle but is also doing her bit but spreading awareness about it and sharing her struggle with the world. Kudos and hopes she beats the odds.