Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This week I two things happenned that made me go that!
- Saw the absolutely brilliant, Sherlock Holmes and loved it to bits. From Robert Downey Jr's class act to the razor sharp wit, I loved every bit of it. The amazing photography, Jude Law as the sidekick and the actress who plays Holmes love interest. Everything was just right.

-Attented the Penn Masaala concert with Pt which was simply mind blowing! It is the Worlds' first acapella music group and they performed at the White House recently.The band(12 of them) actually is formed by students of University of Pennsylvania and what's special about them is that they use no instruments but make all the sounds(including drum beats and bass) themselves. They brought the house down when they sang "Mere Mehboob mere sanam" from Duplicate and fused it with the Notting Hill OST. I interviewed them as well and it was great fun!

I am absolutely in love with the music of Ishqiya, there are only four songs but each one is a masterpiece in itself. The promos themselves look so promising! Hope it does not do a Delhi-6!!

I am turning matchmaker and have found the perfect bride for Rahul Mahajan. No its not Rakhi Sawant but the amazingly chirpy anchor of Headlines Today's show "Grand Stand"...what say?

PS(added two hours later), Wanted to rave about Meryl Streep's wonderful movee Julia and Juliet but dont wanna overdo it!!


Pesto Sauce said...

Rahul Mahajan is a whore lover like his father....Pramod Mahajan supplied Payal Rohatgi to all BJP

Rats said...

Dinno Holmes had a love interest , I always thought he was gay :). Btw you dint tell me what the story was?