Sunday, February 7, 2010

The best thing

about being a presswallah is the food you can sample for free! I just returned from a meal at a ferociously fabulous place called Excess and my dining experience there has soothed a horrid week where everything went beyond wrong! Now, I'm a very conventional eater, but at this place I actually had broccoli with stuffed cheese and guess...gulab jamuns in dal makhni with a papad stew! was amazing...for dessert I had an ice cream sandwich with biscotti and raspberry sauce, it was actually an ice cream slab in the midst of a specially made bread and it singlehandedly made the 30kms drive worthwhile!! The ambience, the live music and the gorgeous PR who was asking me eat, eat and eat...sigh!! For once I was glad to do a food review!!This place will cost you the Earth, but boy it will definitely be worthy of it!

The save the Tiger campaign is really great but I wonder if it isnt misplaced. The people who need to be educated are the idiots in Government and forest officials who turn a blind eye to poaching and pass ludicrous rules like building a highway in Panna Reserve or Nilgiris (the former is the last remaining habitat of the big cat)They are your target audience, but still a campaign has been launched and something is being done but I think it's too little, hope it's not too late. The saddest part is that we never value ourselves, let alone our National Animal. Look at the way China protects its Panda's or Australia its Koala's but we couldnt give a damn!

Watch Ishqiya, for once it dosent disappoint!!


sayrem said...

Be a conventional everything, but never a conventional eater.

Rats said...

Did you just scold the Indians???