Thursday, July 15, 2010

The rains are here

It's my favorite time of the year and I had to honour it by the only way I know- by writing about it! There's nothing quite like the rains, it's accompained smells and the glorious greens, never mind the power cuts, traffic jams and pot holes...each time it rains, some innane part of me sings. Nothing quite beats the joy of enjoying the rains- be it from a distance (maybe with steaming chai) or getting drenched completely allowing the tugging water to feel you, really really feel what you actually are and allow the fiesty drops to wrench out your innermost turmoil or satiate your inherent pleasure!

Two memories spring instantly whenever I say rains- One immensely rainy day in my childhood when my cousins, my sister and I got thoroughly wet and relished the feeling like nothing else. We talk about it still, it seemed like we were giant specks of rain drops..all in one, one in all. United never to be parted again. That was one of the few times that I felt that under such tremendous ferocity there is immense joy. Another experience was quite recent, three years back in my college where when it rains it looks like paradise. Everything so greeen and so beautiful, so calm that it rustles your feelings and they take flight. That particular day was so breathtaking that I chucked my bike and took a walk, I still take in that heavenly smell of dew and mud when I think of it strongly. I didnt even need anybody to soak in and embrace the moment, the rain was my company and dissolved any furtive/farcical desire for sharing it with anyone....Rain, I am looking forward to the monsoons, hope it keeps its date.

Aisha...August 6th...Sonam Kapoor...I'm in love!!!


Pesto Sauce said...

SOmehow I never liked rains.....and also Sonam Kapoor

Rats said...

You make it sound just like it is -sooooooooooo romantic. No wonder you are one of my fave writers :) Good one dearie.

Sudeep said...

well written. rain and paper boats are one of the best memories associated with childhood