Sunday, August 22, 2010

I hate bad endings!

Let me be clear, I dont hate sad endings (Like in the wonder called Atonement), I hate BAD ones. When I read a book or watch a movie all I expect is that it doesnt end in a disappointing manner but no -some things just refuse to toe the line! Was reading the colossal "Gone with the Wind" (birthday gift from Na) and it really blew my breath away, I've said it for Shantaram and I'll say that again, for a book over 1000 pages to be interesting is amazing (trust me, to make one entire blog post interesting is difficult enough) and this book does it with such charming ease. The amazing characterization and brilliant plot- the last 200 pages are so difficult to read, they simply pulverize you...not wanting to read ahead and knowing that you cant stop. The only problem I had was with the way it ended, no it's not appropriate and the could-have-been's will always haunt me but for the two amazing days, I will be thankful to this magnum opus for dominating my life entirely and also for showing that such love and passion is possible. The greatest victory of this book lies in making its lead characters believable- not good or bad but as good or bad as the circumstances allow them to be. Another brilliant book "Toss of a Lemon" by Padma Vishwanathan, also has the same grouse from me. A lackadaisical ending for an otherwise brilliant book.

It's raining Cats and Dogs here in Hyderabad and though I enjoy them, I certainly dont enjoy the severely bumpy roads and huuuuge traffic snarls. A government in slumber I'll say and also that the Common Wealth has really shown that Politics in India is the most lucrative profession- you dont have to study, behave as you like and earn millions. Let's start a party, Paisa Vasool Party (PVP) and start earning enough to buy Audi's and Swiss Chalets.

Sincerely hoping that the membership crosses three people.


Suruchi Puri (Author) said...

I too very much hate bad endings..particularly in is better to have a good laugh than ending up in a far cry..


Pesto Sauce said...

I have just bought a copy and started reading it that good?

obssesor said...

@ above,
It's brilliant!

Rats said...

Agreed, Shantaram is a good read for a 1000 page read.You did save me a 1000 page read with "Gone with the wind" - but did you? ;)