Saturday, November 6, 2010

Much Ado about Nothing

Is what describes the Obama visit aptly. I will never fail to understand why we go gaga over anything remotely foreign. What has Obama done except to pile up a promise after another and speaking in rhetoric about anything remote? All of his campaign speeches for the President as well as his tenure has only spoken about one premise- promise, when is the time to deliver? Take for instance his repeal of healthcare, America has THE worst health care systems in the world, worse than Bangladesh and what has Mr O done other than speaking about healthcare and its mother? Any thing which comes with a bang, sizzles out in a whimper and Mr Obama is no exception to the rule. With the chinese whispers of Hillary for 2012 already gaining momentum, we might be in all probablity be looking at what they harsly describe in America as a one timer. Give me good old Bill anyday, atleast he's fun!

Was at the relaunch of Falaknuma Palace, built by the Prime Minister of the Nizam of Hyderabad in 1893 and turned into a palace hotel by the Taj. To say I was awed by its splendor is an understatement. Check out the Nizam Suite, 5 lakhs per night plus taxes...jaw dropping.

In a professional vortex, my story is following the Murphy's Law and everything is going wrong. Sleepless nights, restless days and 100 calls a day are the order of the day and nothing seems right as of now. It's supposed to be my big break and hope it does not break my career to pieces!


Pesto Sauce said...

5 lacs for one night!!! Man must be something

Wonder what Hillary will do in White House? Maybe do it with Mr Lewinsky!!!

Alpha Za said...

Barry is brilliant and making fantastical pretty promises. Not so hot at the implementation aspect.

The empire is crumbling.