Monday, January 10, 2011

Odd Ends

As it always happens when you are writing after a certain time, you know where to start but not where to end, so I'll go easy on myself and kick off...

-Things have been absolutely crazy of late. There was a time (not very long ago) when college was for two hours and I used to find myself at home at 11 am, with the whole day in front of me and not knowing what to do except reread my Harry Potters (No wonder I know them by heart), the circle of life has churned so much that these days, I have absolutely no time for me when I say that. I wake up early run around, work, drive, come back home, eat and go to bed early! 10.30 is me calling me quits and its for the first time that I'm sleeping so early or so much!

-Was Part of an amazing experience called 'Dialouge in the Dark', a touching way to savor the dynamics of the dark wherein you are led around in pitch dark by a visually challenged person and learn to make use of the other four senses you are blessed with. The tour takes an hour and you end up eating in the dark trying to figure it out by flavor and taste, you even have to move about using a stick. Brought to Hyderabad by the brilliant Sudha Krishna, it is an initiative to help us realise what we have and also bridge the gap between the visual and non visual.

So much more to write especially about the cold cold weather here, but for now I'll wrap things by saying no matter how cliched No One Killed Jessica is, its worth a watch just because of its overwhelming zest and Amit Trivedi.

PS: Another year, strangely though this time I'm wise enough not to wish for anything...perils of ageing or plain realism?


vineet said...

nice post, n btw JESSICA is wrth watchn,hope who killer arushi too hit the box offce sumday, nywaz nice narration n goos flow of writin

Rats said...

welcome back!