Monday, July 4, 2011

Coming back

Come backs are so much tougher than leaving everything. I was at a press conference on Saturday, my first in months after an extended leave and was more nervous than my initial presser. Was fun though... missed all the gossip, waiting endlessly for 'stars' to descend and fighting with the PR for an exclusive. Interviewed Emraan Hashmi and Mahesh Bhatt, must say the latter was actually polite which was really surprising and gave honest, thoughtful answers to all questions. Having always liked his movies from Arth to Hum Hain Raahe Pyar Ke, I was really happy. Emraan is a very dis-interested person, so speaking to him is always done in five minutes flat. Must say, going by the crowds, he has more male fans than female, also he comes with a strict 'no-questions-about-kisses' stance but frankly nothing is more boring than asking him that.

I cannot wait for Mister Amitav Ghosh to come to Hyderabad, how amazing is the man? His River of Smoke, was so utterly spellbinding. His language, method employed to tell a story and restrained elegance is so sublimely charming! I was lucky to meet him once but am hoping to interview him this time around. I cannot not rave about his work...when is he getting the Nobel?

Watched Mammo yesterday and was marvelling at the enormously fine actor called Surekha Sikri, they dont make em' like that any they dont.


Pesto Sauce said...

Not surpised to hear about Emraan Hashmi, to be honest he is a poor actor

I met Amitav Ghosh 10 years back in St Stephen's College...those days he had declined Commonwealth prize for Glass Palace

Zeba said...

I am here after so long. More than a year maybe. How are you doing? Hope all is not forgotten. :-)

Amitav Ghosh is the man I have been told. I haven't read anything by him yet. Will be rectifying that soon.

Imraan Hashmi. Ha. I am not surprised.

me said...

Mahesh Bhat? His entire work mein apart from the names you mentioned, Turning Point is all I can think of without being mocking. Endo..