Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wannabes and Voyeurs

Let me confess, i have never been interested in Cricket...the only time i watched it was like a decade ago when my brother ruled the Remote... but then even I am seriously rattled by the allegations made against Sachin by Adam Gilchrist!! What?? aamchi marathi mulga a liar?? not a sport?? Adam, what if Raj Thackery hears you? you can never enter Bombay again! Or wait has the Shiv Sena taken up the cudgels this time?(I wish!) The issue is however serious, especially as Australians think they are the successors to the notion of their erstwhile rulers, The British who thought that there are only two kind of rules- one for themselves and one for others. Australia has a history of Bigotry,their brutal running down of the original Aussie nationals, the Aborigines is well documented(who were treated so badly that in the 60's each member of an aboriginal family was assigned to a white household ostensibly to study their living habits!!)So, when Australian Cricketers,Kings of Sledging,Sultans of Slime claim that they are professionals even a novice like me snorts!! What prompted a usually mild Gilchrist to say that?? Only greed for creating interesting his biography? or was there always a Serpent lying dormant beneath that calm facade waiting to strike after he retires?? Well! Whatever,But i LOVED Bhajji's acerbic reply,this Singh proves that he is indeed a king-on or off the the dance floor!
Okay, I saw the Dostana trailers , It heralds the coming of age of the Indian Voyeur who does not distinguish between sexes (now,there's your equality!!),poor John Abraham was treated like Zeenie Baby in Satyam Shivam Sundaram...i mean every angle?? Actually it was the combo of John/Karan which welcomed the showcasing of the male body what with the latter's Bo-Derek like introductory scene in Kaal,complete with a snake thrown in, bringing in the tectonic shift!! Let us watch the movie and decide if Poor Priyanka was given as much attention to detail!! Will sign off saying that i'm dying to watch Fashion..will keep you updated...Happy Sunday!!

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Princess said...

bo derek? john ab? k jo?!!!!