Sunday, October 19, 2008

the week

Sunday Sunday Sunday...this had the buzzword for most of the past finally arrived washing away my meticulous planning of the entire week without any regret!Firstly two of my friends gave me a royal haath...thankfully had a more reliable friend who saved my Sunday from going completely kaput!Went to Kotha Bangaru Lokam,a ridiculous movie not only because i no longer belong to the age group it appeals to(Sigh!!),but also because it dragged on relentlessly without any rhyme or reason.Swetha Prasad looked terribly young(I know she plays a 17 year old,but even that does not suffice as an excuse for having such a lot of baby fat!!)Thankfully the second half was a lil' bit more appealing and that was not only because Prakash Raj dies.From there we dragged our heels to our Beloved Barista at Jubilee Hills where our faithful Raju received us with more enthusiasm than which the hero and heroine embraced in that juvenile flick! Tried a new Mojito which was as woefully pale and dreary as the lead heroine in that Bhandan Serial on Colors!The blue berry muffin as usual saved the day for me. May god bless it.Really wanted to check out the Odyssey nearby(a very close friend reviewed it very favorably)and it looked absolute yum from outside but unfortunately cudnt go!
Unfortunately for me Ashutosh is still in the Big Boss house...wud smeone please tell him NOT to wear those short body hugging tees? he aint a 16 yr old girl and we cud well do without him distastefully showing his lower back every few mintues along with those obscene thrusts and gyrations he manages each time a song is played!What with him,Raja with a face like that and Rahul Mahajan i have forbidden my mum to serve me food any time Big Boss threatens to be on air!Also saw that wonderfully dim witted Aishwarya interview on NDTV and thought that another day,another silly interview for this former MISS WORLD(stupid) Sample this..."It's not that we are saying this is there,that is there in Drona,i mean its actually there for you to see it"...i needed a full half hour to recover from that..i mean Ash isn't that what you were supposed to speak about?? stuff that's actually there in the movie..that's called promotion not wishful thinking!! The only high point of the week in television was Sreenivasan Jain's interview with the wonderfully elegant Waheeda Rehman who spoke candidly and straight from her heart with a twinkle in her eye(Would you please please Teach Ash how you do it Waheedaji??)Wonder why Sreenivasan was so insistent on making her accept that she had an affair with Guru Dutt while the lady vehemently kept disagreeing.Had a fair deal this week..cheers.

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