Sunday, August 30, 2009


was the name of the play I went today morning with Pt. It means being jobless. In the one year that I've been working for a newsweekly this was the first time I actually went to something good. The play(in hindi) was absolutely brilliant! I went in with no expectations and came out grinning like a cat which has had it's share of milk. Humorous,smart and extremely witty it showed that all you need for a good production was a good script and the right actors. Performed in an obscure auditorium which was sadly not even half full it was a heartening satire with repartees on everything which matters from Vajpayee's knee to bofors, from Jayalaithaa to 9/11. Presented by Udaan arts it was only their third performance and I'm positive that they will reach great heights. And I can do my part and give a glowing review! yay!

It's Ramzan and the whole of Hyderabad is warped in the smells of Haleem and Iftaars. There are so many things I dont agree in Islam- from their abominable treatment of women to meaningless jihad but one walk during Ramzan in the crowded lanes of the old city really warms your heart. After the evening prayers when people break their fast I found that in every shop both the onwer and the worker share food from a single plate!Touching and humane it really warmed my heart! No credo, no distinction and no difference between human beings. I found it almost gallantly charming! Imagine a world without prejudice? That long forgotten word called "equality"

This appaling treatment of Advani really saddens me. He's the one who put you where you are...some grace? takers any?

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Hey did you know Quran was one of the vedas?