Thursday, August 20, 2009


On July 5th after a long awaited and cherished trip to Chennai, I just got down at the Nampally Railway station, because of my innate stupidity/bad luck I had a nasty fall and broke my wrist. Almost seven weeks in a sling, today when the cast was removed I saw that I dont have my left hand, its just a bone! I still needs two weeks of physical therapy and frankly, I dont recognise my hand. It's shape is majestically weird and it has wrinkles! I have never realised that without a wrist your hand is useless and how bloody difficult it is to manage with a single hand! I am absolutely sick of it, but of course you cant always have everything you want, so I have no great choices other than grinning and cribbing. There are so many things which have been postponed -from shopping to holidays, from typing with both hands to driving, I really think it's buri nazar (dont scoff),honestly I know it sounds juvenile/stoopid but everyone in Chennai was raving about how I left a "secure" job to an "unsecure" career! I felt really good then but am not amused now. Sleeping is a hazard, I'm spending thousands on Auto's, cant dress up even for events,cant eat properly, cant do some things properly (smirk) and have to endure everyone's comments on how frail I am! One thing I'm grateful for is the affection shown,from family, friends to strangers who have shown with grace that kindness lurks in the most unexpected of places!

It's raining like mad here and I am enjoying every minute of it. Could'nt have been more green!

Is it me or is it a fact that SRK is the biggest whiner in modern India?


sayrem said...

whiner? :)
na re. na.

just a businessman.:D

sayrem said...
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HaRy!! said...

so sorry to hear abt wat happened to yu! do take care... yeah i agree on that...whiner? o y do yu think hope he seez this!

workhard said...

Thank you for visitng my blog and really appreciate your advice..

I would definitely get in touch with iconart once i develop my art..


Zeba said...

awwwwn. i cut two of my fingers while doing a colegge assignment and it was horrible. just two fingers, so i can imagine how it must be with the wrist! my condolences. feel free to crib. its your right!! hehe

srk didnt whine much no? media made a big issue out of it. he just made a few calls to get out of the situation. thts it. I THINK! u tel me!!

Deepika said...

Wow!! Rains.... :) Lucky you

And get well soon.... Tc

Rats said...

"Stoopid" I can understand, what is "unsecure" ??

"Is it me or is it a fact that SRK is the biggest whiner in modern India?"
It is you-- the biggest whiner I mean LOL!!