Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ostere chaos.

The Government's Austerity drive seems to be doing it more harm than good. An interesting idea handled badly is always dangerous, remember NDA's India Shining which has dug a grave so deep that the BJP seems to be caught in the rut forever? Austerity is a way of life which we Indians have always practiced. When was the last time you threw away your Text Books without thinking of a cousin/neighbor/junior or got a new school uniform when you had an older sibling of the same sex? However, the Gandhi family has always been known for its simple way of living, if you ignore the fact that Motilal Nehru paraded entire fleets of cards outside Oxford University for his son, Jawahar before donating all his wealth for the Independence Struggle.Indira Gandhi got married at Anand Bhavan with her only adornments being flowers from her garden and a sari made out of silk woven by her father in Prison, never mind the fact that the original Mrs G spent all her youth in sanatoriums across Europe receiving treatment for TB. Forget Sanjay Gandhi's high decibel lifestyle during the Emergency and you get our own Rahul baba's simple signature kurta's. While the idea is certainly brilliant, can be legitimately used to cut down extra flab and is highly recommended in this tough times, it has gone completely awry from the word go. From Shashi Tharoor's amazingly tweety tweets to the Shatabhi Express being stoned, it is absolutely abysmal micro management. Maybe Jayanthi Natarajan can take a leave out of her party's notebook and speak less? Any chances??

Also, Rakhi Sawant's latest reality show scares me. You mean there are actually people who would entrust the upkeep of their new born with erm that woman!!

I positively am afraid to watch Times Now during the night, Arnab Goswami makes sure that the only thing you hear is his booming and boisterous babble!


Viji said...

Hey, many time we see public display of austerity by many leaders, but they dont follow it in their lives!! Very few like Mamta Banerjee actually practises it.

U know what, my latest post is also on the same topic!!!!!!

Hey, agree with you on the Rakhi show......scary to the core!!!!!

Rats said...

Good one on the Gandheys :)
and about Rakhi -- I thought that was a joke! Maan people are going nuts!

me said...