Saturday, September 26, 2009

et al

Could'nt think of a name this time around!

first things first. Rahul Mahajan's Swayamvar!! Really? I mean, a guy with a drug abuse case/ sexual orgy controversy/ serial eater (Bigg Boss)/ human personification of the words "ewww"/ Monica Bedi's doormat really wants to get married. Poor Pramod Mahajan. But the best suggestion I heard was that he should marry apna Rakhi Sawant. Some reasons I think that would be a marriage in Reality Television heaven are

-both are Marathi manoos, they could be a part of the MNS.
-you are effectively saving two other individual lives.
-let's think of it like this, they might actually end up finishing each other!
-they can have a "live" marriage, a new drama with every sunrise..Just imagine!!
-they need not engage in any physical activity to produce offsprings. Words would do the trick.
-they could ask people like Mika, Arnaub goswami and Amar singh to join them and open the World's most bizzare zoo.

Watched "What's your Rashee" yesterday with Pt and felt man, whadda waste. It was tooo long, the songs were too many and I didnt see any point in what was happenning but I liked the premise, could have been made in a better manner. Thank God, it had Priyanka Chopra, imagine if it had Kangana or other bad looker in 12 avataars...Priyanka looked really hot but I felt really sad for Hurman. He looks decent, dances well and acted okay but has no future whatsoever because he resembles a stockier version of Hrithik! Poor chap.


praneet n said...

surprised that u even bothered to give so much thought to people such as rakhi and rahul...

Pree-yea.... said...

Im sooo glad atleast some1 agrees with me.
Rakhi and Rahul. Match made in telly land hell!! :P