Friday, April 30, 2010

Mix n Match

I have not written anything for three weeks now, and for a change it feels wonderfully refreshing! Been writing non stop for the past two years and it is a welcome change. After I joined my new workplace last year, it's been enormously hectic..but am taking a month long break again come next week so the few days are going to be crammed with writing and excrutiating editing!!

Am extremely glad that the ridiculous cases against Khusboo has been squashed though five years is a tad too long, but she must be relieved. All because she was tipped to be a AIADMK candidate...the weird ways of Tam-politics!! Now with the talk of her joining Congress, wonder what will happen!!

Was in Tirupati last month and there was a wonderful (though a trifle gaudy) statue of MS Subbulakshmi at the entrance. I was really happy simply because no one deserves it more than MS. In the carnatic world, there is only one Annamacharya and one MS, unrivalled. Just try and listen to her Samarpanam albums in Raaga and you'll understand her voice if not her tongue!!

In an interview with Headlines Today, Hrithik (intelligent) Roshan used the words "you know" 29 times in 2 minutes. I told you that he was the male Ash and yeah I'm completely jobless.

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Pesto Sauce said...

Comments of Khushboo were publicity stunts, though they were undoubtedly bold and hard-hitting. I did feel a twinge first time I read them