Monday, April 5, 2010

The one which could'nt be

This article, I wanted to write for the mag I'm freelancing for, but my Editor brusqely said no, and for whatever it's it is

Ever got sick of seeing the same old faces romancing like robots, here's a choice of some eclectic and madly different actors who's pairing would surely burn that silver screen!!

SRK and Tabu: The mighty Khan and the magnificient begum came together for a minute in Saathiya and sizzled the screen. Just imagine them in an intense love story, the passion which SRK brings to romance and the devastating presence of Tabu...they'd teach people a thing or two about chemistry!!

Chitrangada and Aamir Khan: Yes, the stunningly beautiful Sen and the perfectionist Khan. Cast them in a rom-com and see what they do with it. Her elegaic pathos gives way to fun and perfection meets personality!! Chitrangada's electrifying presence and Aamir's sheer intensity and what they can do to the box office!!

Abhay Deol and Kareena Kapoor: This vivacious punjabi jodi can spring many a suprise. Imagine them in an absolute art movie, Kareena can emote through her eyes and Abhay Deol can smolder the screen with his craft. The kind which will have all the grace of love, lust and longing. Strong, gripping and passionate their pairing could be a revelation.

Nandita Das and Salman Khan: Salman khan with his unbridled energy, Nandita Das with her solemnity can be the stuff movie legends are made of. Imagine them in a coming of age story about lovers who lost and found love. A tamed Khan and a smiling, stunning Nandita. Simple grace meets raw energy and many a myth is shattered.


Vintage Obsession said...

my votes with SRK and tabu for sure!

Rats said...

Don't find the last pair remotely interesting/intriguing. The others well I always did know you had imagination ;)
Good one sweety!

Rats said...

Psst: You are such a Drama Queen aren't you? The title proves it! :P

me said...

You had to bring in the uglies too?
And by which I mean Kareena Kapoor, in case it isn't clear enough.

To add insult to injury, she can emote through her eyes?????
Gosh! Also, Nandita Das shouldn't be smiling, that wrinkle in her forehead is what makes her tick.
Can't imagine a tamed Khan either, he looks/acts awful that way, he's better off brawling.

Pesto Sauce said...

SRK doesn't work with everybody, so Tabu loses out. He did only one film with Raveena after all

Aamir too is chosy though he should go for Chitrangada

Abhay will not fit well with Kareena, art cinema and potboilers don't mix well

Nandita and Salman?? Its like Naseeruddin Shah paired with Dharmendra

Rats said...

@Malli: Is everyone missing the point or am I the only one getting it?
Din't you just say "the same old faces" and "madly different actors"????
Whos talking about the actors' preferences? Is this not your brain child?
OK enough of egging ya!
@Sujju: Hate to disagree but strongly do so in the case of Kareena dear!