Monday, April 9, 2012

TV Turn off

As someone who has sworn off TV, on a boring Sunday while I was flicking through the channels I was unfortunate enough to catch a two minute travesty which made me glad that I dumped the idiot box. The telecast was that of Nita and Mukesh Ambani’s “private” party for Sachin Tendulkar. Now how the private celebration was aired on National Television is anyone’s guess…but what was remarkable was the inane sycophancy involved. Priyanka Chopra tripping over herself while gushing about Nita and Salman going on and on senselessly…why does glamor and wealth always make us bend backwards? An inherent “class” legacy left by the British is still around and makes it presence felt at such nauseating events. That Sachin was sticking to it was a disappointment but guess even Gods like their adulation…

Riots in Hyderabad and just when we though we got rid of Telangana, we have a new headache, that of a far more dangerous communal riots. With curfew in place its business against for leaders and more worries for us common citizens. With the state the city is, it’s a wonder people are still coming here. Bad roads, terrible governance and a new disturbance every month…Brand Hyderabad.

Was at the fantastic Park Hyatt for a media lunch and was flabbergasted by the Gothic grandeur of indulgence…what was funnier was one of the owners (Rajya Sabha MP Subbirami Reddy) insisting people to check out the “lights” imported from Czechoslovakia. Yes sir, well worth the rumored 400 crores you invested!

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