Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So many things in my head

This entire month has been a whirl of activity for me. It’s been an absolutely crazy time, of which I’m really grateful as it helps me focus only on the important things, I crib that I don’t get enough sleep. While my sister thinks I crib about everything under the sun, I take great joy in it. Wanted to write about many many things but will not stretch what can be said in a few words to an entire blog…
 - Watched and loved Vicky Donor. From the dadi to Delhi, it was a great movie. Wish the ending was twenty minutes shorter though. Snow White and Seven Dwarfs was just about okay. Julia Roberts was wicked but felt that something was missing throughout the movie.
- The mangoes are what I’m really looking forward to…had some yesterday but let’s just say they were really really sour.
 - Its been more than 3 months that I’ve thrown the Television out and am so surprised that it makes no difference. Life without the idiot box is so much more sharper…reading more, focusing more on things on hand. To think that it took me an year of dilly dallying to do that…
 - Work has been really haphazard of late. Sitting idle for weeks and getting done crazy amount of work in two day’s time. It’s been hectic but what I’m really looking forward to is a one month break from mid- May. No writing. Yes.
 - Is having a massive crush on someone who is going out with someone okay? Just cant help it though, just like I can’t help hoping that we will miraculously end up together!
 - Read Sandra Brown’s Lethal and really enjoyed it. As a rule I stay away from thrillers but sheer boredom compelled me to read this one and it was quite interesting.
- Finally got a raise at work…finally!

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