Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunny Days

I met Sunny Leone yesterday and was totally floored by her grace and poise. We build so much impression of those we don’t know that it comes as a great relief when you are wrong. I expect someone fake, dumb and airy she came across as pleasant, well read and very intelligent. In the small time I met her and questioned her about her adult movies, she replied that she did what she did and it was not wrong in her eyes…no regret and no apology just because she made it big in Bollywood now. I was charmed on my part when she praised the city, and the way she handled herself when a mob of photographers almost fell on her…by simply saying… “Bhaiyya coffee gir jaayegi…” and making them retreat. Sunny days ahead.

I have been regularly irregular on this space because I didn’t feel like writing. Even thought I would delete my blog but something made me stop and get back. The past two months have been confusing and bewildering for various reasons and I am simply glad to be here. I have grown a year old and am hoping that wisdom will not be amiss this time.

Simply dont like the changes done to this website. Is there any way we can get the old, user friendly format back?

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Rats said...

Most of the times the prejudice we build against people because of who they are with or what they do actually robs us of an opportunity to get to know them better. I have been on the erring side of the very same sentiment and am glad I saw the error of my ways and befriended a jolly good fellow at my work.