Monday, May 11, 2009

For Christ's sake!

I can’t stop laughing, I seriously cannot. Sample this, her act should be likened to the humanity of Jesus Christ and Mother Teresa, Oh Jesus (Or jejus, a la Rakhi Sawant)! This was Mani Shankar Aiyar, tripping over himself and falling at the feet of his reigning deity the Princess of press, Priyanka Gandhi. He was referring to Priyanka’s gesture of meeting Nalini, her father’s killer and the criticism of that by Jayalalithaa. Now, no woman in modern India has a fury that can be rivaled /likened to the mighty Amma. I don’t really know why these people, from Pilot’s to Scindia’s who study at Eton and Doon, finish at Wharton and Oxford have to fawn and flatter everyone from Raja Rahul to Secular So-nea, Is a seat in Lok Sabha or a Ministerial berth worth your self respect? Here is Aiyar, the same person who stood on a stool at a rally (with folded hands) while the mighty mother was canvassing for him. He did a huge turnaround and said he’ll donate Jayalalithaa to the Guruvayoor Temple and got famously smacked by chappals (long before Jarnail entered the scene) in Anna Salai. Jayalalithaa’s fury is like Nature’s wrath, unheard and unimagined of, a party man who had switched to DMK and returned home, was made to prostrate four times before National Media ostensibly because the media had not got a good shot! So Mani Ayyor, ab tera kya hoga?

Went to Secunderabad Club yesterday, I mean I’ve always wanted to go to that place. Since childhood it was like one of those fab places like in Anita Desai’s novels, clubs were supposed to be magical and mysterious but as with everything which comes with expectations, this again was a huge letdown. From the snooty guard who didn’t let me in (the press card didn’t work) to the ageing Colonial building built by the British, it was okay not oh-gawd! But thankfully the play was good, Karaoke killers was fun, replete with songs and dances and so was the food, the butter bread pudding was del-i-cious.

Just spoke to Mi and am jumping up and down!

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Just spoke to Mi and am jumping up and down! ..........
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