Saturday, May 9, 2009

So many things

to crib about. Before you think I'm the biggest whiner in this wicked wide world, I must confess I feel like one...because

-I HAVE to wake up early every damn sunday. I think all the forces in the World unite and plot to do it (the contours of my self importance)

-that I have to take quotes from "celebs" who are soooo patronising, I mean I understand if you are a Kareena/Priyanka and show attitude, but vernacular stars throwing tantrums for giving a quote is so uncool (and the injustice that I should be subjected to it)

-that my brilliant features idea on the lost bungalows of Hyderabad has been rudely rejected by my Editor-in-chief (Ask me to do another Youth page and I'll get my own back)

-that Shashi Tharoor might actually win (C'mon he has everything-suave,debonair,erudite, speaks amazing, UN and now this filial straw, I want a reservation)

-that I'm tech challenged, I mean I cant work one bloody template on my blog page and there's something wrong with my number of visitors,its stuck and I can do nothing about it!

-that Si is having the worst break up ever and I'm a hapless bystander

-that I no longer have a social life(Pt, face it...I have none)

-that it's been ages I went to a play or a concert, I missed Pandit Jasraj twice, for Hanuman's sake

-that I dont go to Barista every Sunday anymore or for that matter anywhere barring weddings/house warming sessions/receptions!

-that I still have to come to terms with the fact that my student life is done and over with (Why,Why and Why..melodrama is so my forte)

-that Pure Magic biscuits now cost 20 bucks and I get one biscuit less for the increased five bucks!(I mean if you have one pack every alternate day,it's gonna pinch!)

-that I dont speak to Na on a daily basis, okay I know I should call her rather than to blog it...I will, I will after I finish this!

Okay, I have placed my finger (middle one)at every ill plaguing me....let me go and wreck my sunday!


sayrem said...

i was technically challanged too once, but now im so adept, i change my templates every month.:)

and it was my blogger clock that was stuck :D

Mad Blogger said...

cool post

Zeba Talkhani said...

I flick templates from sites!! Haha.. Try it.

You make me feel good that I am a student!! Hehe. So sorry to be doing this to you.

Waking up on sundays really sucks. You have every right to whine..

Wow. You are in media as well. Newspaper or magazine? Celebs showing attitude can be a pain. But bear with it for now. Karma!! Lol. Your time will come as well..