Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fake it!

I for one am completely bowled over by the fake Ipl player's blog! I am impatient to read his next! Witty, entertaining and devastatingly sarcastic, the blog is nasty, mean and highly amusing, Well, if you are not a member of the Knight Riders. Trying to pin point as to why the blog is so popular, I've encountered a few uncomfortable truths...the reason for its astounding success is that it appeals to the Lowest Common Denominator present in us, the inhuman appetite for dirt and the obvious relish for rumors or scandals. It is clear enough that the blog was well concieved and pre planned if the sartorial nick names are anything to go by! Little John/Big sister. hilarious! As to who is behind it, well from Sunil Gavaskar to Shobhaa De, SRK has managed to rub every shoulder in the wrong manner,so it's difficult to know who is getting their own back at him! Sexual escapades of our cricketers/film stars which were considered a taboo in reporting, have been broken down and I really wouldn't wonder it it is a precursor for much more to come. The quirky writing style really amazes me...sample this "We are trying our hardest to lose and finish last"...Well, I would dearly love to know if it tickles the King Khan's(nicked Dildo!!) famous sense of humor/witty repartees!

Interviewed Omair ahmed, the author of "The Storyteller's Tale" over the phone last week and was really impressed by the manner in which he said "A lot of the World is a part of me"...Few can pull off a statement like that and he did it with panache!

Do you know that Zee cinema still airs mythological hindi movies on Sunday mornings?


Zeba Talkhani said...

Everybody seems to be enjoying him. Am I the only one who finds this whole thing unethical?? I wrote about it in my blog as well. But no one seems to agree with me. What I can't wait for though is when the Fake IPL player's true identity is exposed. Just a jackass he is to do this to himself.

Sashank Emani said...

well i admit i like the way he writes - he's defntly got a sense of humor. but if he really is someone within the team, then its a despicable betrayal. in one of his recent posts, he justifies this obvious breach of ethics by saying the team belongs to the people and tht he works for the people. this politician speak doesn't absolve him in any way. and he seems to be blissfully unaware of wat being part of a team entails. watever happened to team spirit and sticking with the team through thick and thin?? !!

if he feels he's been unjustly dealt with by the team management, then he shud have the courage to just quit. betraying the team's confidence, outing all private conversations and mocking his struggling team - and being proud about all of this! tht makes him a lowlife scum! i really hope it's someone who's got nothing to do with KKR...and its just a piece of clever writing....