Saturday, July 25, 2009

Of this and that.

I know not many people watch the Lok Sabha channel, but I do and it always turns out a surprise. Yesterday, it showed a documentary featuring the gorgeous Smita Patel, made in 60's in English! It was in black and white and captured the grecian features of the fiesty actress wondrously! Also, heard the remarkable first speech of Meenakshi Nataraj, a young Congress MP from Madhya Pradesh. She spoke in the National language and spoke brilliantly, without a pause or a glitch and I really think she will rise to great heights. Another speech which was outstanding was that of the fiery Sushma Swaraj, one of the best orators of modern India her speech on India's defence was quite something. Her clarity, diction and command over language is singularly unique. I do hope she address the UN one day as the ambassadress of our country.

Two of India's greatest musicians of the last century passed away this month, both from this side of the Vindhyas. Gangubai, the greatest of Kirana Garana, personification of the will power of the bygone generation and everyone's favorite didi left us. DK Patammal, the lone survivor of one of the greatest trinities of carnatic music along with MS Subbulakshmi and ML Vasantakumari passed away leaving behind one of the greatest legacies ever. One was a devadasi, another an orthodox brahmin housewife, each of them pioneers, each an inspiration. The saddest part was that the media coverage was shoddy, lackadaisical and uninspiring to say the least. I hope the government wakes up and awards them with the Bharat Ratna, it's not too late...yet!

What would Rakhi Sawant who looks like Rakhi Sawant and behaves like Rakhi Sawant do if she were reaaaly good looking say like an Ambika Anand/Nidhi Razdan? I shiver, I shudder!


Pesto Sauce said...

For all my money best young orator is Sachin Pilot

Aparna said...

In one of the episodes., Rakhi Sawant said she would like to be in politics one day.
Can you imagine her speeches?

I, Me, Myself ! said...

I actually watched Lok Sabha channel last night (September 6) at 10pm. This was an interview with Nandan Nilekani. And the interviewer was Sunit Tandon ( remember the english news reader at prime time during the days of only DD). This interview was so good... far away from the shrieking, confronting, sound byte looking styles of private channels. The focus was more on Nandan and his ideas, than on the interviewer.

- Sudhir