Thursday, July 16, 2009

One thing you want

Was talking with Pt the other day and out of the blue I asked him the question, What is the one thing you want, right here right now....He told me what he wanted and I didnt answer him them, but the one thing I would really want is to be free. Not supercially nor egoistically, but free to be myself, free from any or all encumbering relationships and free from any support. To be alone, to stand alone, to feel alone and yet feel I'm complete. To think on my own, to act on my own, to stand on my own and to say that I am my own! Is it possible or will crutches be a part, I really dont know but the path seems really exciting. So many things you want and such less time to have all that you want!

Have you ever wondered about the one thing you want?

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sayrem said...

i want to be able to ease all pain...everyone's pain.have always wanted it. sometimes they just hurt way too much.