Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rains and sickness

It's raining like mad! I'm almost continually drenched everyday since Sunday. It's a really heady feeling, to drive when the drops strike you full in face with force you wouldnt expect from a droplet of all things...tantalising and seductive, a wonderful time to feel alive and glory in it.I always enjoy the Rains and could never stop raving or writing about it. I dont know why but rains have this tendency to rake up your past, get nostlagic and really think of the time gone by. It always reminds me of one day spent in torrid rains when I was a kid- amazing and extraordinary, of my College where rain looked better than ever (if it's possible) and of splashing in puddles. Must've had a hundred cups of chai this week and a visit to my favorite gup chup waalah has cheered me enormously!

because I've drenched so much, I was sick on two days. I hate being ill. The feeling of being hapless and helpless is most irritating. I have a friend who likes being ill *smirk* but I must confess I have never known such joys! To lie on the bed and wait for the feeling to pass is nothing but the most humongous waste of time!!

While 10 lakh people are marooned in AP, the headlines of National Channels scream "Karan johar apologizes to Goonda Raj"...ironic or my foot??


SRDASH said...

It's raining like mad, almost everywhere and during this time we need such nostalgic explorations and observe the moments and minutes pass by! It's really sad when people around us face the fury of nature and the media makes mockery of the situation.

Princess said...
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Princess said...

who u smirkn @?!! :x

Pesto Sauce said...

It doesn't rain much in Gurgaon though we did have some pouring last month. I know it rains hell down South