Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am finally freelancing at a new place! That too for a monthly magazine, that again is quite popular. I mean the last place I worked with, a newsweekly I'm sure no one read my work except myself and the editor. But here, I'm sure people will atleast bother to read some of it. The first month was disappointing though, I had written a brilliant article, I think, but when I opened the mag my article of 259 words was chopped into a disastrous 40 words because an advertisement came in at the last moment! Needless to say, I was hopping mad. But this place has its perks as I have written the following piece (my first nasty one) about Mugdha Godse and they are actually printing it!

Godse’s Ungodly ways!
As they say fame’s a fickle friend! Mugdha Godse who was in the town for a promotion of her movie Jail has an attitude which does not quite go with her designer wear. Prettier than a picture, she (along with the cast) walked in two hours late and left immediately after the press meet without as much waving to the scores of scribes waiting, an exit which was reminiscent of Alice leaving Wonderland. Pretty chick she certainly is, but common curtsies are all not in “fashion” with her.

!! hopefully this wont get edited!

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Pesto Sauce said...

Well written

She looks slutty, must be charging a bomb these days