Monday, November 9, 2009


Watched "Ajab Prem" yesterday and simply loved it. I know that it has been criticised for trying too hard but I also know that few years down the line the same people will say it was a classic..just like a Silsila or Andaz Apna Apna both of which bombed at the Box Office. I really liked it because it was refreshing and clean, in the name of comedy we've been subjected to a lot of crap like Golmaal and All the Best but this is actually fun! Breezy, with a lot of witty liners, I found the laughter infectious. Ranbir's comic timing was bang on and his jodi with katrina was truly gazab. Also watched "Resham Ki dor", a play which is a part of Hyderabadi theatre folklore (it's being performed since 1970) and really enjoyed it's energy. Was with great company, Ra, so even on that count it was a high class evening. The costumes, the folk dancers from Mewar and the wonderful wonderful Arif Zakaria who played Emperor Humayun. His amazingly restrained acting and equally perfect Urdu was the highlight of the play!

Bought four books at landmark two weeks back and for once all of them were fabulous. I would strongly recommmend "Cappucino Dusk" by Kankana Basu and "The Raja is Dead" by Shivani Singh, to the my readers- who I hope will cross two this time around.

Jail bombed...I told you!!


Pesto Sauce said...

I will be watching ''Ajab Prem ki..' tomorrow. Should be good

me said...

Now. I definitely hate you!