Friday, November 20, 2009


are one inscrutable lot!! You never can know them properly and if anyone thinks they have cracked the plot should really put it to practical use! I was watching ONE episode of that effant terrible reality show "Pati Patni aur Woh" and the conclusion was that men are a lot easier to deal with. That Juhi never stops screaming and screeching, all she was doing was moaning and complaining, while her poor husband (Aamir I think) was running around and putting up with the diva's tantrums. Debina ( a prettier Mayawati) who looks lovely is one major tartar who will have to have her way and if she doesn’t like anything, gawd save you. That idiot Gurmeet still wants to marry her! Rakhi is a universe in herself and no amount of description would do any justice and all I can say about her reported "fiancĂ©e" is dude, thank your got off easily. That Swetha Tiwari who played the purrfect bahu for seven years is one major harridan, whose temper can only rival Ekta Kapoor’s. Barkha Dutt is another weirdo. Nothing ever pleases them and all they can see is their own distorted view point. The way these people treat others is totally reminiscent of our erstwhile colonial masters, or to quote a relatively newer example the way the Chinese are treating Africa...inhuman and absolutely controlling! Only Shilpa and Mouni( who’s really cute) looked even approachable!! The funniest thing was that all the guys were cool and relaxed, comfortable and secure in their own skins!

While we are on it, two women I totally and completely love on TV are

Nidhi Razdan, the sole reason to watch NDTV. Elegant, classy and unique- everything thing about her is impeccable...from her sarees to diction

Ambica word to describe her is WOW. She manages to look at home equally in an Armani store in Paris and a bazaar in Jodhpur. Vivacious, exceptional and simply stunning.

PS: Balasaheb is back!!


Princess said...

did u miss out mention a certain D??

sayrem said...


sayrem said...

over with 2 months worth. :)

Viji said...

Can stop praising you for your courage to watch Pati Patni aur Woh!!! Such a pain stuff.

Yeah...women a little bit complex...'little" is the operative word here!!!!

me said...

went over my head!
vocab gone with last years miaow..