Friday, December 18, 2009

You never know

the intensity of the storm unless it hits you! The statehood demand is everywhere. From my absolutely apolitical mother(till now) who is calling in on live programs on TV to stupid socialties discussing it at the event to launch a Marc Jacobs bag ( yeah, more of it below)Telangana has split people like never before. What's really shocking is that even after 10 days, half the state is shut down. I'm hearing all sorts of conspiracy theories each as likely/unlikely as the next one but see no end to this chaos. The only people having a blast are the 19 Telugu news channels who are adding salt to an already wounded state. One thing I've learnt this past month is how important your roots are- the city you live in becomes a part of you, any damage inflicted on it becomes a scar on your body. Hyderabad has taken a lot- annexation by the Mughals, fall of the Nizam, riots and many agitations. I am confident that this too shall pass....I only hope it's soon!

Covered my first page 3 party today! People were celebrating the "launch" of a bad, insanely priced bag ( five lakhs, for crying out loud) when the streets were eeriely empty! Fake people, fake smiles and the two people I've noticed-fake body parts! I was constantly thinking of Konkana Sen in Page 3 and could not stop laughing!

For idiots like me still following the Kasab trial, I have only one thing to say...This happens only in India.


sayrem said...

"hearing all sorts of conspiracy theories"

If we are unlucky enough, and if it is pre-destined, it'll be these very outlandish theories that will turn into violent, senseless, communist riotings. That's how they always start.

Then perhaps the Telugu channels will make some more money through broadcasting frenzied mobs unable to see the outlandishness of it all.

sayrem said...



obssesor said...

The bengali in you I guess...:D

Pesto Sauce said...

Pge 3 will be like that...fake lives

Rats said...

What else is page 3?