Monday, December 7, 2009

Sorry "state" of affairs

The Cast: A strangely reluctant Chief Minister, inept police, an ailing politico who is as much as a martyr as Nathuram Godse was and Naxals who are intent on staging a comeback.

The Method: Violence unlimited and uninhibited.

The Storyline: Separate Statehood.

For us in Hyderabad following this bizarre drama, nothing is more irritating than another bandh call. Last Monday was lost, the entire city shut down yesterday and today! And there is more to the madness. One man's dream of being the CM (a desperate despot called KCR) has split the State right in the middle and with a mob of 2000 students having held an entire city of 81 lakh people to ransom, the citizens are mute spectators in this illogical script. The demand for Telangana is not new, started in the 50's it's an emotive and contentious issue. I hail from Telangana, one of the most backward regions of the country and its most affected district (Medak) but fail to see the logic behind this senseless violence. Telangana is not feasible because

- It could become another Jharkhand or Chattisgarh as the Naxal menace originated here and looms terrifyingly large.
- Andhra Pradesh was carved out to be one state to all Telugu speaking people. The SRC report of 1967 clearly states "four states in the South because of four main languages"
- the main reason simply put it's not feasible. Where would you find water (No river in 11 districts) or resources?

All these reasons may not cut ice with its supporters but I really hope logic prevails. It was uninterrupted chaos on Saturday with petrol bunks closed, offices being pelted with stones and streets being disturbingly empty. The movement has been started by KCR but is no longer in his control what with students and naxals chipping in. If you want to protest don’t make life miserable for everyone around. And seriously, for once the CM should act decisively rather than flying to Delhi for advice! Act and do it now!!


sayrem said...

3rd bandh here in Cal in the last fortnight.

Princess said...


me said...

couldn't agree more but am still curious to hear their side of the story justifying why they want it..something must have gone wrong someplace, sometime..that helped these so called victims get an opportunity..know anyone from your trips? born, brought up, badly resigned to their fate?

Phani said...

Hi, Came to your blog from your comment on one of my posts. Thanks for that.
And regarding this separate statehood - one of my friend's orkut msg says - Why people want to separate in this age of continental co-operation like EU?? If the root cause is 'lack of development', let the government be accountable for that and focus on that instead of 'dividing' the state..Hope Hyderabad & Hyderabadi's are not losers in this madness !

Zeba said...

may logic prevail. seriously, for the sake of all those involved

Viji said...

You have said it in a very objective & sensible manner. Good to hear that from someone who is part of it!

What is the rationale for the split? What happens to Hyd? And, worse as you said where do we get water from for the proposed Telengana?????

And, this is going to incite many parochial minds across the country to come up with more such demands.

Pesto Sauce said...

This would have never happened had YSR been around