Thursday, September 30, 2010

Do we all...

...turn into our parents? This was what me and my sister were discussing over lunch the other day and that reiterated one belief- run as much as you can you cannot run away from your genes! Of late, ever since we hit mid twenties my sister and I have noticed a lot of similar characteristics of our parents in us, some small and some big- the same impatience,the omnipresent nagging or even the way we behave under certain cirumstances- the recklessness and the squeamishness, everything had a mirror effect, a sense of deva-vu and I was thinking- is it really so bad that it becomes a cause of concern? I have noticed how my Father has imbibed traits of his father, and the resemblance at times is uncanny and very funny. Most of us are so touchy about our parents in so many different ways that we dont even ponder to treat them as real people, they remain only as parents. When you are in your teens, that's the last thing you want to be because in a haste to magnify everything around us we dont realise the value of things but as you grow older you realise and appreciate how difficult their job is- the trials and tribulations,the thanklessness of it all and that's why so many people get along better with their parents when they start earning or living alone because the true worth of anything is known only after you no longer have it. I can see myself in daddy's shoes in say 25 years, only hope that my hair is intact!

Interviewed the amazing Sanjna Kapoor and had a great time. She was simply stunning, not beautiful but enigmatic in the true sense of the word. She was intelligent and can give any of the Bollywood bimbos a run for their money with her logical and calm replies. The only funny part was when I asked her about Kareena and Ranbir, she replied gamely "Oh, let's not talk about that".


Alpha Za said...

I think in some ways we do, can't find genes...and the social aspect that they raised us.

They teach us how to act, pass on their fav foods (by making us consume lots of them), however even though we have different experiences, I like to think that if I turn out anything like my Dad; I'd have done pretty good in life.

Pesto Sauce said...

Yes we are a reflection of our older people and somewhere we do inherit all goods and bads from them

Sanjana Kapoor looks elegant; very differnt from new age bimbos