Sunday, March 22, 2009

Death and its repercussions

Jade Goody is at it again! But this is remarkably different as it is her curtain call. The final bow of a performer who performs not only in front of the camera but also behind them! Some one who has mediocrity as middle name and a espouser of a class thriving not on self respect/hard work but on state benefits! Public opinion has never been so vehement towards her- for her when she first came into her own by winning Big Brother or against her as she targeted our very own lissome Shilpa shetty. But the thing which overwhelms me here is the manner and comportment in which deaths conquers all! In death one becomes all that which one has missed out in life. Large, voluminous and all conquering. All forgotten and forgiven! Neither questioned nor doubted. Death lends to life a halo which magnifies the wearer and belittles the non- believers. Benazir Bhutto became flawless in her assasination and the subtle stateswoman she could never become when she was alive (To give her credit, her two terms were too short for her to make a difference) Sanjay Gandhi’s tyranny was lost out in his death and JFK’s faults diminished the moment he ceased to live! What is it about death that it manages to bring a turnaround in everyone who lives? Is it the fear or is it the sincere belief that it provides a safer exit which one would not have otherwise. Death brings with it a largesse of peace and a fa├žade of respectability which life either ignores or refuses to give. It makes one larger than life itself and their mistakes as frivolous as life itself! Ah the irony at work!

Also why does Arnab Goswami yell so much? I’m scared of tuning into Times Now as he is forever there- menacing and forbidding!

Funniest thing I’ve heard this week: Barkha Dutt getting some silver award for her coverage of Benazir’s death! Damn, does it mean that we’ll see more and more of her? As if its possible!

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