Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost and Found

My computer died! So that’s my sorry story for the long leave of absence and so much has happened while I was away! Delhi 6 released, Lahore was bombed (now that’s not really uncommon!), and Na bought earrings costing a decade’s budget of 10 BPL families!

First things first, Okay I concede Delhi 6 didn’t live up to the enormous hype or high hopes it created, but then what ever does? Personally I liked the movie, my sis doesn’t believe it though…the cast was amazing (Divya Dutta so suited the role!) and Sonam kapoor looked every inch fabulous. She is by far the best looking girl in town today! The movie tried to convey a message though it didn’t come out convincingly, but then how often can you create a RDB? One major major grouse was the fact that the fantastic songs were not used effectively, but yea, a kala bhandar does exist and the speech by Atul kulkarni said it all!

I like Rehman, honestly I do, and I’m glad that he has got the recognition he deserved but calling him the Mozart of Madras (this is another annoying habit, why do we have to compare ourselves with our western counterparts, call him the Thiagaraja of Tanjore, but no) and falling all over him is so not done! C’mon guys, we’ve had better musicians, only that they have not been recognized by the so coveted west!

Anyways, glad to be back, at least I have finally gotten rid of all those scary internet cafes and the horrid horrid people who prowl there!


Princess said...

horrid horrid?!!?? :p
nyways .. u had to put it up on blog din u :| :D

ratna said...

was wondering who princess was, the comment asnwered it ;)
Anyway coming to Delhi 6 for godsake no one has even started comparing it to RDB.Delhi 6- the film officially and totally sucks sweetheart!