Monday, March 16, 2009

What matters and what dosent?

Went to Barista yesterday and am compelled to write. I did not go to my usual haunt but a different one and am sorry to use the words Barista and hate in the same line but I hated this place. Absolutely and enormously. It sucked. The ambience was non existent, the menu different and the service indifferent! That underlines one thing; no one can replace Raju, Ali or Sekar! Does the place matter? It does and how…you don’t feel like home anywhere but at home and the same writ applies here. What is it that makes us react to the same thing differently at different times? Prejudice or plain logic? The interplay of being in the right place at the right time has to have all the ingredients in the prescribed dose, one helping too small or too large and the entire dish is kaput! The manner in which we react to different circumstances or places is a by product of so many cohesive forces that to extrapolate them and explain is no mean task! I’ve learnt my lesson and am going back to my good old Barista next week!

Watched Slum Dog and really liked it, the hype was overt but the movie was entertaining! Destiny is the foundation stone of love and even a pessimist like me sets store by it! Madur Mittal as the eldest Salim was so raw! Such unbridled energy utilised in such a genteel manner. Can’t wait to watch his next! The ending was what clinched it for me, being a sucker for happy endings, the end justified the means!

Crib: Still haven’t watched Dev D or Gulal!
Saddest thing to happen in the last week: Bobby being voted out of Roadies!! Whom do we watch now??

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ratna said...

Hey just finished with the book too Q & A...did you read is different from the film!