Sunday, March 8, 2009

Truth and Dare

I am so hooked to the new game show on star world, Moment Of Truth, it is just so convincing! The plot is simple- win half a million dollars just by speaking the truth! The truth! So surreal yet so ordinary! Infidelity, compromises, lust and voyeurism form the four foundations of this hard hitting reality show! It has devastated families and shocked the audiences, the power of truth when unleashed can contain nothing, no shred of emotion or any trace of sentiment, it’s all there lying before you! You have the courage to face it? Do it at your own peril! One thing which strikes a chord is how uncomfortable truth is, it’s something you’ve always known, always guessed but never had the courage to cross that final threshold! Lying in front of your eyes, teasing you and tantalizing you alternately… playing peek a boo and deceiving you all the time only to destroy you ultimately! Ah the power it withholds! Brutal, vicious and uncompromising the show is as heady as its muse- truth!

Also, why is there ABSOLUTELY nothing worth watching on tv? I prefer watching reruns of Sarabhai and Shrimaan Shrimati than the unadulterated crap we seem to get! Sigh!

Missing: Rakhi Sawant from Tv, she has completely vanished? Low profile?


Princess said...

low a does!! /)

obssesor said...

am so glad it does!

ratna said...

saw one episode, but may be they need to modify the questions if it were aired in India :)