Saturday, April 4, 2009

Buttons up!

Okay, whats really the matter with Akshay Kumar? If anyone saw him coercing his poor wife Twinkle in that fashion show to do his buttons and has not found it distasteful, I have serious issues! vulgur and voyeurstic it was also extremely cheap and crass. This is the second time Akshay goofed up majorly this year, After that silly dedication of his award to Aamir at Star awards (After cribbing that he never wins awards!) he has made things much more messier this time. Akshay who has made it to the top on the sheer strength of his hard work after decades of doing stupid movies and Khiladi stunts, should really learn how a superstar behaves. All the Khans (Barring Shah Rukh) are here because of their lineage, but Akshay outscored them in the recent past,but this ridiculous act of his and his amazing (stupid) justification that the jeans company made him do it (Whatever happenned to your own Brain...screams mine) He should sack his advisers promptly and use better brains! The pelvic thrusts and the bawdy body language made things worse, grow up dude...your son is!

I am no fan of IPL but am certainly a great admirer of those fabulous advertisements! Last year's were fun and the one I saw, for this year's edition which asks what happens when 100 crore people do the same thing is really smart and catchy!

PS: Cant jayanthi Natarajan take a break?


Rats said...

Hey I liked the ad wasn't it?? Especially before when we din't know what it was about...very well done actually :)

praneet n said...

u mention about akshay doing stupid,khiladi movies over decades...didnt u wonder if his movies any different now????