Saturday, April 25, 2009

Petty politics

It's election season and for the rest of the country, Andhra Pradesh's poll sops would deem extremely mysterious! Specifically, I am personally aghast at the TDP's money transfer scheme. This particular scheme promises to transfer 2000 rupees (!) every month to the lady of the house, it applies for all BPL families! Seriously?? How stupid is it? Anyone who has any inkling about the troubles of such families will know that most of them stem from money, give them money they drink...give them work, they live! The western world has been plagued by this ridiculous concept of state benefits...Jade Goody,Scarlett keeling...people whose lives have been wrecked by feeding on the crumbs doled out by the big- brotherly state. All these cases are stark examples that the under trodden need work and not free cash, it destroys any semblance of hard work and living with dignity. The most bizare part is the smug manner in which people talk about such a stupid scheme, first the ulta pultas of TDP on Telangana, now this absolute straw! Dont play the bountiful, provide work, better living conditions and proper pay! God save us if this scheme is implemented!

I really really wish that Meera Sanyal wins from South Bombay, she is articulate, capable and dynamic. The manner in which she spoke on a recent debate shows her forthright capabilities and guts to shoulder responsibility. When a member of the audience got seethingly personal she promptly put the obtrusive person in his place by saying that it was not for him to ask! Independents usually don't and she surely is fighting with her back to the wall, lets hope she walls her opponents!

Why are we being subjected to a daily dose of Priyanka Gandhi?

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Viji said...

TDP's "money" politics is quite cheap.....I always consider Chandrababu Naidu a technocrat, visionary & good administrator!!

But everyone resorts to cheap, unethical practices when it comes to winning elections....

Ya..i dont understand why Priyanka Gandhi has to comment on anything & everything on politics, while she says she will never enter into politics!!