Friday, April 10, 2009

When we were Kids

last week I met up with my school friends, Pt I will not classify as this friend or that but the other two are people I've known for more than a decade and from school! The place sucked, the lake stank and the Ice creams were over priced(gelatos or not, they were not worth what they were worth!)but the time spent was memorable!Our talk usually lurked in the shadows of what we had in common- School! I find it absolutely amazing that four people can sit back and discuss something which happenned almost a decade back, laugh as if the jokes were never heard before and analyse as if the events were new. The good old place which one can never forget- for reasons good or bad! It has that mystical and magical quality because of which time flew and everything seemed possible, fun meant endless laughter and gossip was restricted to who had a crush on whom! Why does school figure so high on everyone's priority list...I came up with two reasons

one- it is that time of your life when you are not innocent, when every little detail of your character good or bad is played out in a crystal clear manner and you could not fake!
second- for many many people school friends are for friend from school usually sticks on and becomes a part of your life, you tend to be grateful for a place which gave you friends,an identity and a shape to your character.

Thinking of school made me sooo nostalgic-those wonderful excursions to bakeries, assemblies, dictations, uniforms, merchant of venice, grammar, prayer and pledge, rigid discipline, curry puffs, dodge ball, early mornings, annual days, free periods, teachers who were teachers, unit tests, grey sweaters, cycles, proverbs, compositions, fabulous birthday parties where everyone gave you something and enid blyton!


Princess said...

specially like d way u closed :)

obssesor said...


Rats said...

hey you stole my idea! look out for mine ;) dint read this

Zeba Talkhani said...

Love this post. Been out of school only a year now and I have already lost touch with friends! Like you said, only one is still around for me!! But school sure was fun. College is a hard struck reality. Don't like it as much as school!!