Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ignorance is such Bliss!

As we come closer to the election, we have numerous wars of words taking place simultaneously, this particular one is marked because of the ignorance of its remarks and stand out as an exemplary example to the fact that ignorance can indeed be blissful! Secular So-nea has accused Advani of being a slave of the RSS, It's certainly not her fault that she is unaware of what actually RSS is, being born and brought up outside India, it is difficult to keep track of a country as diverse as ours. For starters RSS, is not an organisation, it is a movement, an ideology. A revolution started in 1925 by a doctor and a visionary called Hegdewar it has in many ways enriched and exemplified the Indian culture including the Bhoodan Movement where it was actively involved with Vinobha Bhave. To be a slave of an ideology is but the natural progression of polity, but you cannot blame secular Soniya as she belongs to a party where the only ideology is the glorification of a sundry surname, which is not even linked to the poor Mahatma for Feroze Gandhi was no relation of the Mahatma. And as for saying that Advani cannot take decisions independently, I find it lolable! It's certainly not the Secular madam's gaffe, She can never make any(near Robotic). Her speech writers (Ambika Soni/Ahmad patel) must be responsible for Secular Sonia never means any harm because two of her family members sacrificed their lives for the nation! My guess is that Secular Soni-ya is trying to develop a grim sense of humor! Scary! In any case, the Congress today is definitely 'independent' of almost all of its allies! And the darn impudence that all of this classifies as Breaking News!

Went to the CNN-IBN's hasty program "India Can India will" at Birla Planetarium on Monday, for a show wanting to leave an impact it was surprisingly short where the three leaders invited got a total airtime of less than 10 minutes! But, I must say that the location was amazing, never knew they had a swimming pool down there!


Viji said...

What a cool critic!!

But what you say makes sense and true too:-).


praneet n said...

u yourself have written that madam doesn't write her own y be so critical about what she said???it's all apart of the rhetoric...aren't remarks made by people like sanjay dutt are much worse than this?????

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Rats said...

cool one

Mad Blogger said...

Absolutely agree