Monday, June 8, 2009

And here come the rains...

Yes, its monsoon and it couldnt have arrived any sooner. I love the rains, always have...the sights, the sounds and the smells...the smell of the wet mud is the biggest draw for me. I was at my beloved Barista yesterday (A truly terrible thing happened there, about which I will rant later). Was just tucking into my green tea and pizza when the delirious first drops fell and caught us unawares. Rain washes away with it so many things, the supressed emotions and the pent up feelings. It brings out the longing in you and makes you forget everything else. Believe me when I say there is nothing like dancing in the a kid splashing in the puddles was so much fun...taking a walk eating a corn cob....forget yourself and just go with the flow, for once let go, dont think, just feel with the falling water and the enchanting experience. Rain is the biggest therapeutic experience. My college was in a university full of greenery and when it rained it poured, I remember just getting drenched soo many times, sitting in the parking lot and wishing it would never stop...wishing for everything to come true...and hoping against hope to capture that memory! Rain also brings with it so much- hope for an year, a reason to smile, to cuddle with loved ones and to feel free and step out in gay abandon. Thankfully my house is still surrounded by two trees and the leaves never look greener than in the rains...I wish it would come soon
Rain Rain come again

PS:Best thing I've heard this week was the news that Sonam kapoor called Ash "aunty".
Her explanation, that she worked with her dad, so it's justified! whoopie!

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sayrem said...

you've stolen my post, but maybe I'll proceed to write it anyways;)

and you have to xperience the kalbaisakhi
here in bengal to really and truly know the rains :D