Monday, June 29, 2009

My place!

I was really unsure as to posting this, but did it. I really dont know if people are being nice to me only because of the press tag, but still it feels nice!(smug!!)Also, this is one restaurant I like. Also Also, I'm a vegetarian so my food reviews are always one sided.Even so

Tucked away in a quiet street in the midst of the busy Banjara Hills, the quaint Our Place has not just been one of Hyderabad’s best known restaurants but a landmark of sorts. The fabled service, charming environs and lush greenery transport you to a place which can be likened to Peter Pan’s wonder world. Started in 1999, the restaurant has been going from strength to strength to establish itself as one of Hyderabad’s best loved places and an epicurean delight. What keeps it going, according to the charismatic Pooja Raina, the HR “It’s the ability to give people something new each time they come”. Indeed be it the ducklings which enthrall the kids, the cottages for private conversations, the landing which is carved out of a rock and is a perfect setting for a romantic candle light dinner, the extremely popular ghazal shows on the weekends or the languid lawn where one can peacefully enjoy a meal, Our Place is like your grandma’s chest of treasures- there is something for everyone! From the delicious Fruit punch, to the appetizing crisp corn pepper salt (which is any connoisseur’s delight with its crackling mix of flavors), the restaurant gets its ingredients in the correct dose! With signature dishes like Sambhar Rice and murg mulayam paneer, it sure is a gourmet’s delight with its eclectic offering of Mughlai, Chinese, South Indian and Thai food. Famed as much for its landscaped gardens as it is for its Fruit Punch, it is easy to see how this picturesque place holds its own in a city where a restaurant opens every day. The ambience is pleasing, the choice plentiful and the service, extremely agreeable. So, this weekend you plan to go out to a place that truly feels like yours, you know where to head to…Our Place!


Zeba Talkhani said...

U have a press tag. Me very very jealous!!!!

And good review. If i ever come to Hyderabad i will surely try this place!

hary!! said...

I'll keep that in mind the next time when i come over to Hyderabad!!! Cheers for that :)

Rats said...

the fruit punch wouldve tipped the scales ;)

sayrem said...

may i know ur name o obseesed one??