Sunday, June 14, 2009

And that terrible thing was

that I was sitting harmlessly in my usual place at my beloved Barista, talking with Si about his speculated shift in his role at work and thinking that the I should try lemon tea sometimes (loved it ever since my stint at Chennai) when this girl walks in...Not good looking but tall and fairly confident, wearing some black clothes...I turned my gaze to the mango tree when the girl screeched :yeh kitni sad si jagah hain"..I was outraged, revolted and was just about to drop my cup of tea and I slowly turned my head, in slow motion, in disblelief , in shock over that devastating statement...Barista remains a favorite...the many sunday evenings, the trees, the great service and the many conversations with Si about how to get rich quickly, about heartbreaks and hardships make it soo special and this girl saying this horrendous, insensitive, pejorative remark! I mean there is something called as being sensitive to others feelings! But no, sensitivity remains a lost cause today and as extinct as the Amur Leopard! I so wish I didnt hear that statement for I was constantly glaring at that rude girl who must have thought I was checking her out! Sigh...such a harsh life!

Yahoo 360 is closing! It sucks majorly...I really love the 360 page..I started blogging ages back and I consider it my best work which is read only by my closest friends..well all good things end. Another news is that the news weekly with which I'm working might shut down in July..reason...recession! Out comes my resume.

Moral Policing has hit Hyderabad now...pubbing is against our "culture" says our health minister! What's the bet that his kids are regulars at "Excess", the hippest joint in town right now?


sayrem said...

".I started blogging ages back and I consider it my best work which is read only by my closest friends..well all good things end."

what?u shutting down ur blog?

obssesor said...

should have made myself clear...meant my 360 blog page!

Princess said...
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Princess said...

yeah yeah such a harsh life n ppl r soo insenstive :p

Zeba Talkhani said...

Sad about the hot girl.

All good things end. So very true.

Moral Police sucks.

AnjuGandhi said...

Thanx for leaving your valuable comments on my post.
regarding your post I think what may be good for you may not be for others so the girl in question had her own views
every one to their own