Saturday, June 20, 2009

Animal planet

I was in a depressing frame of mind all month, like how you feel when a long coveted vacation ends or on the last day of times in high spirits and at times quiet and in my own world. Anyways this was not what I intended to write on. I actually wanted to write on something serious for once and it is about

the missing tigers in the Panna reserve. Yep, Panna has done a Sariska and has killed all of its tigers! Animals are an important part of our bio-diversity and without them the world remains a shallow place. With Tigers, the fact is all the most important, Remember the last time you saw it in a zoo(which isnt its place but heck, at least it helps conserving them) That gleaming magnificent body, the power it radiates and its confident walk. Tigers are the pinnacle of the illustrous cat family and it's really depressing to see our national animal in such dire straits. Take any reserve worth its salt, the Sunderbans has its own sad story to share. The need of the hour is to save the big cat, government intervention can only go this long, people should be more aware. Like the believe that tigers claw is a cure for impotency, no dumb fellas the cure is viagra! Wake up, people and most importantly live and let live!

also another news that that two Elephants were mowed down by a train in Nilgiris. Elephants are my personal favorites. Two things about the humble pachyderm I bet you didnt know
-that Elephants are extremely senstive and can feel any movement in the ground within a kilometre radius and get disturbed. So imagine the plight of these giants when they are at the Thrissur festival...sheer madness!
-that they mourn their dead. Elephants live in herds and when a member dies, they gather and shed tears. After some days (when only the flesh remains) they regroup in the same place in a mood which is sombre and are not their usual self...mourning, elephantine style!


Zeba Talkhani said...

Hey. Loved the post. I personally feel strongly for the tigers in India, also considering that they are our National animal! (is it?)

Interesting facts about elephants. Loved to read this post. If I could do something about this I would have. But what can a 18 year old, slightly hyper active, partially mental girl do to save the animals!!

sayrem said...

I was part of 'Save the Tigers' once.
but like so many other things it dropped away, and i rememberd it after years, reading this post.