Saturday, October 31, 2009

The deadly "M"

India has a new enemy. And the problem is being handled so terrifying wrong that it might haunt the country for decades. Maoists or Naxals have become the latest pests and the control is further spreading the fires rather than dousing it. Naxalism is not bad as a movement, the violent means to end are bad. After all, the fight is perhaps one of the oldest in the world, to fight for what is rightfully it is land. The Government's latest missive to include the Air Force can be its own waterloo if handled wrongly. And going by the past there is every chance that it might go eerily wrong. Naxals be it in Orissa, Jharkand or rural Bengal are fighting not the country per se but it's greed. In their astonishing haste to rape the land of its Iron Ore and Bauxite many Corporations have been razing many a forest and hillock. The fight is to stop them not the police who are most often only dummy victims. The vast richness of our country is being invaded again, this time by merciless and bloodthirsty MNC's. I abhor any violence, Maoist or police but please do not categorize them as terrorists simply because they are not. I totally support Arundhati Roy's interview to CNN to this extent (Both Pt and Sa are aware of how much I oppose her ideologically) she has got it right this time and I greatly respect it. Another cardinal rule, please don’t confuse Maoists and the Communists but they might be a trifle similar in essence they are vastly different in things which matter. Unless you want another nuclear nation gone footloose in the sub continent DONT wage a war on yourself.

On a lighter note, there was a hilarious programme on NDTV yesterday with Brett Lee irritatingly named "Binga's Lingo" and the audience actually CHANTED "Lee will, Lee will rock you" The idiots, all of them educated!!


Viji said...

Maoists are creativing a havoc...i believe one can't take to arms & resort to killings, whatever be the ideology.

It's time for the Govt to come strong against Maoists.

me said...

Sa knows your aversions and respects this post immensely.